Wholesale Malas

As you may already know, we’re a wholesale supplier of meditation supplies and related accessories. We’ve just finished updating our product list of malas, to include some new precious and semi-precious stones. We’ve also been trying out some new designs, and just posted a picture of a beautiful tassel-less mala that we made for a friend, who gave it as a gift to His Holiness, the Dali Lama, on his recent visit to Australia. We make all our malas ourselves, and, as always, they can be ordered according to our design and inspiration, or your particular request. I think you’ll find that if you check around on the web, you won’t find anyone else who has the variety of stones that we do, at the same low, wholesale prices. If you’re interested in putting together an order, we can help you figure out what stone combinations would look good for marker beads, the Guru bead, and the leader bead, as well as the tassel. If you’ve seen a picture of a design you like, just send it to us and let us know what you want. We can also design malas according to the themes you require for certain practices done within your sangha or the meditation centers your store supports.  If you’re looking for exclusive, one-of-a-kind malas, you’ve come to the right place!

Tibetan Turquoise with Emerald


2 thoughts on “Wholesale Malas

  1. The above given set of green emerald looks beautiful and exotic of rare quality. Nothing can be better if people can purchase such sets at reasonable prices for their spiritual purposes.

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