Oryoki Sets on Promotion

The Black/Red Lacquer Jihatsu 5-Bowls Sets are now available with no minimum quantity order, while supplies last!!!

The Mango Wood Jihatsu 4-Bowl Black/Black Sets are now available with a minimum quantity of only 5 sets, while supplies last!!!

The minimum quantity order for the plastic (melamine) 4-bowls Jihatsu sets (below) has now been reduced to only 5 sets!!!

Plastic Jihatsu 4-Bowl Set

We have recently removed all the pricing information from our website to give priority to the retail shops and Zen centers that sell our products. If you are a retailer, or interested in wholesale orders, contact us by phone or email for all the product prices and order details.

In Gassho,



USA Phone: 1-303-664-0800

Thailand Phone: (66) 86-788-7408


One thought on “Oryoki Sets on Promotion

  1. The need for meditation products have made us look for some reasonable price and effective products which are genuine in both quality and efficiency.

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