Free Shipping on all malas until June 9th, 2011!

We’ve  just updated our website with all the most recent, “latest & greatest” mala pictures.  Even in the world of dharma practice materials, the styles keep changing 🙂  Many people prefer not to have a thread tassel on their wrist malas, but either “tassel strings” with knots tied at the ends, tassel strings with beads on the ends, or a guru bead that doesn’t have a T hole.  Our full length mala pictures were also just updated, so you can see our ever improving (or ever changing anyway 😉 selection of beads and the designs we’ve come up with.  We’ve got some interesting new designs and bead types in “The Grab Bag”, including quite a few Jade (genuine Jadeite) wrist malas… all for sale without minimum quantity requirements.  Take a look at our new pictures, and tell us what youlike!   We’re offering free shipping on all malas (full length and wrist malas) until June 9th, so you can stock up!

Wrist Mala with tassel strings

Labradorite wrist mala with tassel strings

wrist mala with tassel beads

Amethyst wrist mala with tassel beads

wrist mala with no tassel

Rainbow Quartz wrist mala without a tassel

Snake Knot Tassel Strings

Full length mala with a snake knot and long tassel strings