The Tantra of Wrist Malas

Continuing on the evolving thread of wrist malas… the “tantra of wrist malas” if you don’t mind the pun (ha ha)… we’re now making these shamballa style, adjustable band macramé bracelets for wholesale order. Chinese knotting cord goes mainstream (wholesale) from Thailand! Macramé is not just for owls 😉 anymore! Take a look at a few example pictures here ( These can all be ordered in the same selection of stones as we have listed on our wholesale wrist malas page And, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask!


One thought on “The Tantra of Wrist Malas

  1. Most people depend on meditation products for their peace of mind and body. So it is good that these things are getting more and more popular and available.

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