Wholesale Custom Designed Malas, Wrist Malas and Shambhala Bracelets

Looking for custom designed malas, wrist malas, or shamballa bracelets, for your store?  You’ve come to the right place!  We hand make all our own malas, and we can customize them for you! If your store is small, we can accommodate you. Our minimum quantity requirement is only 10 pieces total!  If you’re a larger store dealing in big quantities, we can accommodate you too!  We can produce in large quantities, but we’re not a sweat-shop!  We’re practitioners ourselves, and we pay our employees fair wages.  We employ people who are happy to be earning money making these beautiful pieces for you!  Our expert gemstone buyer has over 10 years experience sourcing the beads we use!  That means you’re going to get great quality products from us every time.  Since we are practitioners ourselves, we understand the intended traditional uses of these products, and also the appeal to larger audiences.   Thus, we pride ourselves on supplying genuine and high quality products, straight from the source, made by people who know what the practices are about, and also know what’s popular (what’s going to sell)!  We have a huge selection of bead types to choose from, and other bead types are also available by
request.   Take a look at the sample pictures and prices on our website, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Phone: 1-303-664-0800 (from outside the US)

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Click here for our wholesale mala selection; http://greateasternimports.com/malas.html

Wholesale wrist malas:  http://greateasternimports.com/wristmalas.html

Wholesale Shamballa bracelets & other Dharma/Yoga Jewelery; http://greateasternimports.com/jewelery.html


New Double Dorje (Viśvavajra) Pendants

Take a look at our new Sterling Silver Double Dorje Pendants with Swarovski Crystal!  This original design has immaculate attention to detail, and is double sided for a nice 3D effect.  Now available for (wholesale) order; minimum quantity 5 pieces!

More options are available too, so you can order in the material (metal & stone type) of your choice.  Take a look…


Brass is Back!

Brass is back… believe it or not!  Gold and silver will always have their place among the greats when it comes to materials for making  jewelry, but coming up strong in 3rd place as a contender, is Brass!  We’ve seen a surge in sales, and in the publicity of brass jewelry recently.  I guess it’s the look of  “simplicity” that’s popular these days, echoed in the world of jewelry/fashion as simple elegance; probably in part due to the prominence of Eastern religion (and it’s symbols) due to the popularity of yoga and meditation in the West.

Take a look at some of our (wholesale) sacred symbols brass jewelry, which are available in yellow or white color brass, and can be custom ordered in silver or gold plated.  Details and prices for ordering are on our website at http://www.greateasternimports.com/SacredSymbolsJewelry.html.  Email or call if you have questions!

Sacred Symbols Brass Jewelry

In case the dull hue of brass isn’t your style, check out what they look like gold plated!  The price is right!  Here’s a few of our favorites …

Wrist Malas, Power Bracelets and Shamballa Macrame Bracelets in Pop Culture

Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it … Vogue!  If you put the words “iced out” before the description of any stone bead type, you’re sure to get more sales! Seriously though, the popularity of wrist malas and macrame, Shamballa bracelets is soaring, due to their use by hip-hop/rap stars, models, actors/actresses, etc.  which are being shown in the media more often these days.

We’re happy to announce our new line of macrame Shambhala/Shambala/Shamballa bracelets; true to their origin, with gemstone beads and precious metals (not the clay beads with CZ’s glued onto them, that many shops are selling).! All are available for you to custom order for your store.  These are just a few examples of what we’ve been up to.  So if you’re not already on the band-wagon, contact us about ordering some right away (email sales at greateasternimports.com).  Wholesale only… thanks!

The Tantra of Wrist Malas

Continuing on the evolving thread of wrist malas… the “tantra of wrist malas” if you don’t mind the pun (ha ha)… we’re now making these shamballa style, adjustable band macramé bracelets for wholesale order. Chinese knotting cord goes mainstream (wholesale) from Thailand! Macramé is not just for owls 😉 anymore! Take a look at a few example pictures here (http://www.greateasternimports.com/jewelery.html). These can all be ordered in the same selection of stones as we have listed on our wholesale wrist malas page http://www.greateasternimports.com/wristmalas.html. And, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask!

Free Shipping on all malas until June 9th, 2011!

We’ve  just updated our website with all the most recent, “latest & greatest” mala pictures.  Even in the world of dharma practice materials, the styles keep changing 🙂  Many people prefer not to have a thread tassel on their wrist malas, but either “tassel strings” with knots tied at the ends, tassel strings with beads on the ends, or a guru bead that doesn’t have a T hole.  Our full length mala pictures were also just updated, so you can see our ever improving (or ever changing anyway 😉 selection of beads and the designs we’ve come up with.  We’ve got some interesting new designs and bead types in “The Grab Bag”, including quite a few Jade (genuine Jadeite) wrist malas… all for sale without minimum quantity requirements.  Take a look at our new pictures, and tell us what youlike!   We’re offering free shipping on all malas (full length and wrist malas) until June 9th, so you can stock up!

Wrist Mala with tassel strings

Labradorite wrist mala with tassel strings

wrist mala with tassel beads

Amethyst wrist mala with tassel beads

wrist mala with no tassel

Rainbow Quartz wrist mala without a tassel

Snake Knot Tassel Strings

Full length mala with a snake knot and long tassel strings

New malas in “The Grab Bag”

Genuine (Baltic) Amber Full Length Mala

We’ve got a few new gemstone malas in “the grab bag”, available with no minimum quantity order.  Take a look at our new, amazing amber full length mala, peridot full length mala, and our ruby wrist malas!

Peridot Mala with Amazonite marker beads

Faceted Ruby in Zoisite Wrist Mala

Star Ruby Wrist Mala

Take a look at the current selection of malas in “the mala grab bag“.  Everything in there is available for immediate purchase  (at the wholesale price) with no minimum quantity order required!

Our entire selection of stone, bone, wood and seed bead malas are listed at…


Oryoki Sets on Promotion

The Black/Red Lacquer Jihatsu 5-Bowls Sets are now available with no minimum quantity order, while supplies last!!!

The Mango Wood Jihatsu 4-Bowl Black/Black Sets are now available with a minimum quantity of only 5 sets, while supplies last!!!

The minimum quantity order for the plastic (melamine) 4-bowls Jihatsu sets (below) has now been reduced to only 5 sets!!!

Plastic Jihatsu 4-Bowl Set

We have recently removed all the pricing information from our website to give priority to the retail shops and Zen centers that sell our products. If you are a retailer, or interested in wholesale orders, contact us by phone or email for all the product prices and order details.

In Gassho,



USA Phone: 1-303-664-0800

Thailand Phone: (66) 86-788-7408

Wholesale Malas

As you may already know, we’re a wholesale supplier of meditation supplies and related accessories. We’ve just finished updating our product list of malas, to include some new precious and semi-precious stones. We’ve also been trying out some new designs, and just posted a picture of a beautiful tassel-less mala that we made for a friend, who gave it as a gift to His Holiness, the Dali Lama, on his recent visit to Australia. We make all our malas ourselves, and, as always, they can be ordered according to our design and inspiration, or your particular request. I think you’ll find that if you check around on the web, you won’t find anyone else who has the variety of stones that we do, at the same low, wholesale prices. If you’re interested in putting together an order, we can help you figure out what stone combinations would look good for marker beads, the Guru bead, and the leader bead, as well as the tassel. If you’ve seen a picture of a design you like, just send it to us and let us know what you want. We can also design malas according to the themes you require for certain practices done within your sangha or the meditation centers your store supports.  If you’re looking for exclusive, one-of-a-kind malas, you’ve come to the right place!

Tibetan Turquoise with Emerald