New malas in “The Grab Bag”

Genuine (Baltic) Amber Full Length Mala

We’ve got a few new gemstone malas in “the grab bag”, available with no minimum quantity order.  Take a look at our new, amazing amber full length mala, peridot full length mala, and our ruby wrist malas!

Peridot Mala with Amazonite marker beads

Faceted Ruby in Zoisite Wrist Mala

Star Ruby Wrist Mala

Take a look at the current selection of malas in “the mala grab bag“.  Everything in there is available for immediate purchase  (at the wholesale price) with no minimum quantity order required!

Our entire selection of stone, bone, wood and seed bead malas are listed at…


2 thoughts on “New malas in “The Grab Bag”

  1. These collections are truly beautiful and different. Made of different gemstones they look amazing.

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